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  • Lithium Battery Sales Manager
  • Shenzhen-Nanshan District
  • 3-4 years experience
  • Junior college
  • Several people
  • 2021-05-27
Skill requirements:
Marketing, market analysis, sales strategy, market research, marketing plan, sales analysis Job Responsibilities:
1、Responsible for the development of domestic lithium battery dealers, with independent dealer development and maintenance capabilities, collect and analyze market information, and bear hardships and stand hard work;
2、Communicate information with dealers, introduce our products and understand the market's requirements for product models and performance parameters, and receive orders placed by dealers and the collection of dunning payments.     

3、Convert orders placed by customers into internal orders of the company, follow up the order review progress and scheduling time, and confirm the order to be returned to the customer.

4、Handle customers' daily information and data requirements, and handle internal abnormalities and daily affairs of the company. 
5、Set personal sales goals and complete sales tasks.
6、Obey the superior management arrangement, complete the personal work plan, work summary, and sales report.

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