• Invest and increase capital of Shenzhen RideTech Electronics Co.,Ltd. to expand low-speed intelligent travel battery field
  • Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Sanmenxia Hennan local  Government to invest and establish a production base in the northwest of China for battery project 

  • Changed its name to Blivex Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and the company's Chinese abbreviation is "Blivex"

  • J&R optimum energy officially reorganized, Changde Zhongxing Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership) was confirmed to become the largest shareholder after the reorganization

  • Established Blivex (Inner Mongolia) Battery Co., Ltd.  and upgraded production line to 3GWh yearly capacity

  • Jianrui Fire engineering changed its name to J&R Optimum Energy 
  • Jianrui Fire engineering acquired OptimumNano Energy Co., Ltd. and entered the field of new energy
  • Jianrui Fire engineering acquired Daming Technology with RMB 420 million

  • Jianrui Fire engineering successfully listed on GEM
  • Jianrui Fire engineering established

  • Overseas investment and capital increase of Shenzhen Ruiditek Electronics Co., Ltd. to deploy low-speed intelligent travel field.
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