• Brand vision

    Become a world-class energy technology company

    World-class: With the vision of a world-class enterprise, strive to establish a leading position in the green energy industry and be on the stage of international competition.

    Energy technology: focus on the field of green energy, focus on R&D, pursue innovation and breakthroughs, and create a model benchmark with expertise in technology.
  • Brand Concept

    Drive infinite possibilities,Explore never ends

    Drive infinite possibilities: Take green power as the foundation, provide a continuous driving force of new energy, promote new energy into more applications, and make green energy anywhere in the future life.

    Explore never ends: continuous investment in R&D and pursuit of developed technology, focusing on the exploration of the new energy industry, and leading the industry through technology innovation.
  • Brand Positioning

    Geen power, cylindrical and prismatic LFP lithium battery leader

    Combine industry opportunities, enter into the market with a good plan; take "green power" as a long-term enterprise ,upgrade the traditional and unsafe energy; not to be mediocrity,  not to do homogeneous competition, try to be cylindrical and prismatic LFP lithiun battery leader.
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